Gay Marriage

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I am so sick and tired of the toffee nosed, think they know what’s best Conservative party,these members who have handed in this letter asking for the vote on gay marriage to be put back until the next general election. I think this is disgusting, outrageous, not with the times. everyone whether they be gay, bisexual, or straight should have the right to get married.  So these members who are trying to block this vote should come into the 21st century and realize that the world has changed and is changing and they need to stop putting a brake on this. some people see this as their rights if they want to get married.

It’s time if MPs are not willing to move with the times, I think that they should stand down from their seats in the house of parliament and make way for some person or people who will move with the times and help the underprivileged people in society.


What makes a real man?

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What makes a real man?

I have been reading a few blogs for the past few was under the question of real men has com up. And this has a quite an interesting question which have been paused so I read a couple of blogs which, have been written on the subject.

It seemed a men is who is okay with his masculinity whether that is if he is Bi, Gay or str8 any of the others which might apply to this.  There are many characteristics which apply to be a real man which some people have mentioned where this be a teacher, and mentor, a Big Brother, and a friend these are  different characteristics to which people seeing which make a real men. One thing that stands out to me is we are all born in the same way whether that be men or woman we are all born with them where. 

The real man to me is whether the matter what kind of man you are whether you be a bear, the chaser or any of the others.

A real man to me is someone that you can tell your innermost secrets, a person that will always care for you person that you could just cuddle on the coach with and a person that always makes you feel that is nothing else is wrong in the world.

I applaud this question to you all what makes a real man in your eyes?

“Get Sparkle Sparkling

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The Knitting and  Crochet club Presents “Get Sparkle Sparkling” Sunday 3rd June 7:30pm an evening of cabaret, buresqure  music and comedy showcasing talents and raing awareness and funds for Sparkle.

Hosted by Jezebel Steele the night is already threatening to be a huge success and tickets are available from Liz Andersom (

and Manchester Concord Wednesday evening upstairs at village.

Keep Sparkle Sparkling is a collaboration between The Knitting and crochet clubs and sparkling production and marks the “unofficial launch of the 2012 sparkle festival Manchester Friday 13th July is set be a very lucky evening for the audience  as they are entertained by acts like fantastic Burlesque BOys and VADA theatre group; along with burlesque from the ladies who post “t” in tease. There is also to preview the garments which comes under the hammer at the Soarkee Auction at the LGF building on Saturday 14th june 4:30pm


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My name Liz Anderson from Sparkling Productions. We are involved in fundraising events for “Sparkle2012″”.

From the Sparkle website ( you will see that Sparkle is the largest festival of its kind in Europe and we are proud to be part of raising funds for the event. As it is a non-paying event and sparkle is charity we all work for free.

Our event is  “Keep Sparkle Sparkling” and we are aiming to have a “charity Fashion Auction” and the items will be previewed in our show on 13th July.

We have some items donated but we would love to have few signature items to draw even more interest. This is where i would like to ask for your help. Please could you donate an item of clothing, you would receive full recognition in all our publicity literature and website as a matter of course.

All of the items will be modelled and photographed and displayed on our websites.

I thankyou for your time and hope you feel that you can help.


Liz Anderson

Events Facilitator

Sparkling Productions

The survey reveals many t…

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The survey reveals many troubling statistics, such as gay and bisexual men having greater chances of experiencing depression, self harming, attempting suicide, drinking heavily, talking illegal drugs or drugs or being the victim of domestic abuse.

If your about in Bolton today there is market going on town centre. There is a claiming wall there are different actives going on there to like zumbia and many other different things going on.

Also Bolton are playing away at Sunderland they have to win or draw to stay up, But they are lucky because they still got a game in hand.  But I think if Bolton go down there will not be able to get back up because there are one of the poorer clubs in the Premier League.

Sunderland are 11th in the premier League whereas Bolton are in 18th place and are near the bottom of the table.

Was reading on the The Bolton News website, that The gurdian has reported the NHS is failing gay and bisexual men.  This news is based on a report by the charity Stonewall  The charity campaigns for gay and lesbian and bisexual rights.

Britain’s 1.8 million gay and bisexual men, this is lot and it what the survey say is very worrying and needs something to be done to stop this happing. Also gay and bisexual men are dire need of better support from health professionals.

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