The Future of Televison

August 7, 2011 at 11:21 pm | Posted in Technology | 3 Comments
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Have we got to the point yet where we can stream television programmes direly to television sets?
In answer to my own question the answer is yes.! But this country is still the slowness in the world for internet. This is because we are still using copper wire which, might I add has been around since the Edwardians times. Whereas on the other hand places like Japan has fibre optics networks which can stream the internet at 50Mbits/s. This means that people can be multi tasking. Doing things like downloading music or streaming videos or film straight to their television screens.

When I walk into my front room at home how many things in that one room need the internet to update or to stream things 1, 2, 3? The answer to that is all of them need the internet to work correctly. Most people have a mobile phone whether it be an Iphone or an Blackberry. All these kinds of devices need the Internet to work correctly. It might be for watching something on YouTube or for accessing their Facebook account. So they can update their status on the go. Being able to access this service allows them to tell the world what is on their mind at that particular time.

When you miss a program which, you would have like to have seen.  Before we had services like BBC  iplayer and Sky + we either had to miss it or record in on a video tape. But now we have different services which either let the customer record the program directly onto a  hard drive so they can watch it when every they would like, or  logging into one of the many websites which, allow the  customer to view this program.

For customers who don’t have access to these types of services there is another way in which they can view the program which they wanted to watch. This service is called TV on demand and all the major television companies have their own sites. This allows the viewer to watch programs from the last 7 days.

People who live in towns and cities have access to much faster internet speed compared to people who live in the countryside.  This is because the copper wiring has been replaced with fibre optics which allows the signal to move a lot faster than copper wiring.

With the 3G networks allowing people to access the internet from their phones. This allows people to access different services on the go whether it is Twitter or Facebook.

But it does have its down sides last week in the UK. Twitter and Facebook where used as platforms to set up dreadful behaviour which went across cities and towns in UK,


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