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Went to a meeting about a week ago which, I thought was their careers fair which turned out to be meeting to discuss a range of different issues which are affecting local economies all over the UK.  The main talking points was about how there was a lack of jobs for people.  From my point of view going to university gain a degree and trying to find a sufficient job which I had trained to do is finding pretty hand at the minute.  There are businesses out there which need talented young people with innovative ideas to help their businesses grow, some businesses don’t know how to utilise social media for example some businesses don’t know how to effectively use this to promote or advertise the services to which they are business offers.

Some people say that the way forward is to have young people do work experience free to gain invaluable experience but some young people have done ample work experience for there is no employer’s which our willing or have the capacity to take on new recruits.  I have looking through the job websites and mainly found sales roles.

But if we know all this into a local point of view there are local businesses which are struggling to make ends meet is due to the recession or not having ample footfall through either city or town where they operate, there has been many suggestions on how to try and tackle this one of them is to offer free car parking spaces.  Some of p business people that were mentioned in this meeting said they would not mind paying extra business rates if it would increase the amount of footfall which comes into their business.

With the development of facebook , twitter, and blogging businesses have adapted their marketing skills to capture the unique possibilities of advertising on these particular site because the advertisements can be tailored to direct way from more is what is that particular viewer likes to shop what particular products he or she likes to purchase.

University can give you the skills and a knowledge to progress in your career but this needs to work hand-in-hand with the demand had jobs in a particular area.  I heard a figure that there is a five people going for one vacancy.  There needs to be a scheme in every town and city which can utilise people skills dependent upon what kind of skills at a certain business needs.

As I walked through the town where I live I noticed there are more and more shops going out of business large empty buildings lying dormant with nothing going on. I have even noticed this in a major city centres with shock and street names like Peacock’s demands to hush up then last time I’ll look there that particular store was thriving with business.

The week that the budget comes out the Chancellor has to make critical decisions which will ensure of job creation making sure you call this tax halt the volley evasion are major corporations and main thing creating jobs so people can earn an honest day’s work.


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