Week 4

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It’s week 4 and we here again lol what are we going to get up this week are we going to be doing any lifs this week how know stay tune for the video to see what we get up this week.
As the week goes on we learn more and more about the dances and learn new moves to add to it.
Walked in to and it luvly and warm, just watching the other people which are doing there dances. And they look amazing





An new start

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He its me again, I’ve not been on this site for an very long time, but I think its about time that I start blogging again.

Today was like any normal day, BUT….. with one big different, this different with today is that I’ve got three days off work which is an nice feeling.

So instead of getting up at 5:30AM which I normal do on an weekday morning I got  up 9:30 instead which was go. So i though to myself what can I do with my time today, so I headed down to Bolton FM. Bolton Fm is my local radio station work I work as an volunteer presenter / tech person when am not work.

I work as editor for something call ‘Its The Thought That Courts’ which goes out on air every day, So I editor all the message which need to be done and give them to the person which, need them.

I’ve recently started to learn to Dance  for Bolton Hospise. I was on Bolton FM to promo this and try to get the listens on Bolton FM to help me raise £400.

On my blog page im going to be doing weekly update on how its all coming along with pictures and photos so everyone can see how I’m doing.

Here is the interview which I did with on the present on Bolton FM this morning

Random thought

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Well what an day I’ve had today. It’s has been an quite day. The person that i work with is thinking about leaving.

Does this mean that I’m going to be doing all the work again. It feels like I’ve been doing all the work.

One normal day for me start at 5:30 and not wanting to get out of bed because it’s still dark outside. Then go back to bed until 6:00 then get up and go to work at 6:20

Thoughts for the day

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With business closing there doors customer, more people are turning to the internet to get product or series which they might need.


How many people have got a smart phone which allows them to access the internet. The answers to that question is about 90% of people.  If you walk thought where I life the town centre is like an ghosts town. With must shops standing empty with nothing  happing with them.


 But with more device then every before being able to allow customer to buy productions online, they trend looks like its moving to more and more ideas are going to be bought online.


Some people in their homes have television which allows them to view Films and Television program either streamed directly to the TV screens or  through an other device which, has access to the internet.


Must people have one or two device which allows them to access the internet in their home, whether that is  an  computer, xbox, table, or an WII.


But at the miniature we have lost 3 big names on the high street, the question is what is next to go,  Town and City centre are going to become very quit with all this shops closing down.


What can we do as customer? and what can business do as well ?


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This time of year comes around once a year. The Xmas lunch is being cooked, and the family is coming around. The house smells good ace. Anyone reading this merry Xmas and have a happy new year.

But once the tree is down and packaged away its remember what this time of year is all about

Bank holiday Monday

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was thinking about going the village today, but not going today due to the weather is not that good its cold and raining :(. But in Boltonfm just doing some editing and putting it on the system so that people can play in on air.

Was reading the gay news on-line and over night the French people have elected a new President called François Hollande. and looking  this new what am reading in that he is going to legalise gay marriage and adoption by same sex couples by early next year. This is great news, how all we need is for all EU countries to do this. but this is be batted my the church and the state to. go get ready for a battle.

day 4

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I had a plan to do Body balance and Body combat this morning but this changed when I entre the gym.
Instead of doing Body Balance I changed to a gym work out. As well as doing I 2mile in under 15 mins going up and down hills. And to finish off I did body combat. This is on of my class that I like doing because of the music and the different things u can do.

Tomaz I think will be Spin and some work on the TRX I think. I’m back tonight because I’m playing tennis in the club night session 🙂

Sat in the Gay Village in Manchester

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I am just sat in the gay Village in Manchester. I’m having a nice glass of white wine, which I have just brought from Taurus bar. It is a nice sunny afternoon at the minute, there is the sound of people enjoying the nice weather which we are having today. Just waiting for one of my mates to come and join me so we can have a catch up. Then it is off to Manchester jazz festival which I’m working on this weekend.  Ow my mate has just turn up, have not seen this person in a long time will have to go got lots to talk about  🙂


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I am gay and I’m very happy this way. But the hardest thing is that I cant find a date anywhere, I know people say the right person is out there and all you have to do it look and you will find them, Like went you go out in the village you get felt up my this hot either Bi or gay person and it make me very happy :). But how do this went you not been drinking,

So I through to my self I would join a gym which I did and I have lost over 2 stone in weight which made me very happy :). But you think how do you get this nice looking people to go out with you .

So you go on these dating website where there is lots of guy people looking for either meets up or dates or whatever else and still get find a date,

Its all about making the right impression on people whether it with the clothes that you are wearing or whether its the way is body is whether that be big or small or average looking.

There much be a way of find the right person out there but i’ve not found it yet. but will still go on looking to find that person.


public transport

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Coming back from a show you would think there would be trains to get you back home. You would think not. There is a few hundred trying to do the same thing as you is fun to say the less. The fun bit is trying to get a seat on this train that is when the problems comes. Ok you have got your seat home. Now a voice says that your train is now going from a different platform so this mean that you have to get off the train you are on and go to the platform which said train is now on FUN!!!!!

But to top and bottom it the train does not get off on time you are sat on this train for 10mins after the train should a lefted in the first place. Tell you what this county do for ever time the train is later the company which run that train should have you pay a fain or the people which are on this train should get there money back. This happen is other country it should be the same here this might get them to make sure that there train run on time!!!

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