Alita Battle Angel Film Review

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Starring Eiza Gonzales, Jennifer Connelly, Jackie Earle Haley  

Running time: two hours to minutes 


This film is an action-packed blockbuster which will have you at the edge of your seats with its amazing CGI and content. 


This film is set several centuries in the future, and abundant alpha is found in the scrapyard in the opening scene and is brought back to life by Cybernetics Doctor who takes the alpha into his clinic and gives her the body in which he designed and built for his daughter. 

At first, the alpha cannot remember anything about her past. But then when she follows the cybernetic doctor who turns into a father, who turns out to be a hunter this helps to jog her memories of who she was. 

The alpha meets a human who is an acquaintance of her father he shows her ship which has been abandoned from the war the alpha then distinctively knows where to go to enter the ship. She then retrieves more body armour which has been designed for her as she is the last of the line of the alphas 

The fight scenes in this film are spectacular especially when you view this in 3D it looks and feels like you are in the heart of the battle. That one scene where the main character is diving through chains to attack one of the bad guys the way she twists through these chains makes you feel that you are part of the film. 

There is an interesting twist to this film that I human falls in love with an android it is remarkable how These two characters intertwine and end up falling in love with each other, and in the end, one of them ends up dying. This draws very good similarities to Romeo and Juliet but set in the future. 

This film has to be one of the most cinematic films I’ve seen this year the production the CGI even the soundtrack to this film is simply amazing. 


This is the worthwhile watch and I would highly recommend that you watch this in 3D to get the best effect out of the film. 


I would give this five stars 


Parklife 2015

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Last weekend My and My House mate when to Park Life 2015, For me I found it an ace place to go, there was lots off different music on all over the park. There are music for everyone which was ace. The only thing for my was the cost of food and drink here. It was £5.00 per pint which, I thought was lot of money to pay, but we payed in anyway because where else are you going to be food and drink from.

Below is an few Pictures and video which I took, have an look and tell me what you think                                                                                                

Week 6 Learning to dance

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This week is week 6 for learning to  dance for Bolton Hospice. This week we practiced more of the Waltz, Quick Step and Rock and Roll.

We Learned more of the rock and roll dance which, we will doing on the night.

Learning to dance is harder then I though having an break over the xmas period feel like I’ve had an mouth off. It took an few minutes to get back into swig of it,


Week 4

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It’s week 4 and we here again lol what are we going to get up this week are we going to be doing any lifs this week how know stay tune for the video to see what we get up this week.
As the week goes on we learn more and more about the dances and learn new moves to add to it.
Walked in to and it luvly and warm, just watching the other people which are doing there dances. And they look amazing




An day in the life

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Today has been one of those where you get wet what even you do. I when to the gym where I sqotting kg on each side which is good for be because I’m trying to rebuild doing weight. so after about 1 hour in the gym and came home where I got wet on the way back.

Went out on my bike in the afternoon is see my mate at his house, but where normally I feel safe on the road today, I didn’t feel safe, this is because of the weather. There was i lot of wind and rain which made the ride hard,

I now i sit in front of my computer and did an virus scan on my computer to find that i’ve got something called ‘Gen Kazy’ which an trying to remove which it not .

What is cards of tomorrow well im going to an radio in the morning at 96.5fm which Bolton FM my local radio station where I live,

An new start

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He its me again, I’ve not been on this site for an very long time, but I think its about time that I start blogging again.

Today was like any normal day, BUT….. with one big different, this different with today is that I’ve got three days off work which is an nice feeling.

So instead of getting up at 5:30AM which I normal do on an weekday morning I got  up 9:30 instead which was go. So i though to myself what can I do with my time today, so I headed down to Bolton FM. Bolton Fm is my local radio station work I work as an volunteer presenter / tech person when am not work.

I work as editor for something call ‘Its The Thought That Courts’ which goes out on air every day, So I editor all the message which need to be done and give them to the person which, need them.

I’ve recently started to learn to Dance  for Bolton Hospise. I was on Bolton FM to promo this and try to get the listens on Bolton FM to help me raise £400.

On my blog page im going to be doing weekly update on how its all coming along with pictures and photos so everyone can see how I’m doing.

Here is the interview which I did with on the present on Bolton FM this morning

Random thought

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Well what an day I’ve had today. It’s has been an quite day. The person that i work with is thinking about leaving.

Does this mean that I’m going to be doing all the work again. It feels like I’ve been doing all the work.

One normal day for me start at 5:30 and not wanting to get out of bed because it’s still dark outside. Then go back to bed until 6:00 then get up and go to work at 6:20

2014 new start

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Well 2014 new start new job I never thought I would say this but got an new job, I’ve move out of my mum house. moved in with mate. I’ve given my notice in at both my job and I feel great :-). Even though I’ve been at one of my jobs for 8 years it’s time for an new challenges and to move on with my career.

The plan for this year is to save for an house and get onto the housing ladder.

The moment when I got the call saying that I’ve got the job was ace the feeling of happiness was good.I walked into my job with an big smile on my face.

I’ve got an good feeling about this year 2014 is going to be an good year for all.

Thoughts of the night

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There is an time when a person need to thing about what is going on in his or she live, and whether some changes need to be make for the best, whether this giving up an show in witch they might be part of.  This could be on a number of issues. Not feeling welcome when arriving at the at there p;ace of work and not be involved in part of the show.

Its time of this person to make the call, and stand by this call. whether is it the correct call only time will tell.  Or if the person could contain with what he or she is doing at the time. Sometime looking to people to chat to but there is none to chat to.  Every person has this things running thought there head every now and again.

Sometime is might be because there is come young person who thinks she or he might know more, but because they are an young age they have not got the life experiences which they might need.

When people are looking for the someone that they are looking for and they can’t find them, so making up there minds to say that they are going to stop looking and just do what they are doing.

But looking forward is the right way to go, there is things coming up which might change things but we will have to wait and see if this happens.

You think that you are doing the right things and you find out that you are not. You try and to correct this thing but this still fail.

Everything changes of the possative in the long run.

Gay Marriage

February 3, 2013 at 8:20 pm | Posted in gay, Gay Marriage, news | 2 Comments

I am so sick and tired of the toffee nosed, think they know what’s best Conservative party,these members who have handed in this letter asking for the vote on gay marriage to be put back until the next general election. I think this is disgusting, outrageous, not with the times. everyone whether they be gay, bisexual, or straight should have the right to get married.  So these members who are trying to block this vote should come into the 21st century and realize that the world has changed and is changing and they need to stop putting a brake on this. some people see this as their rights if they want to get married.

It’s time if MPs are not willing to move with the times, I think that they should stand down from their seats in the house of parliament and make way for some person or people who will move with the times and help the underprivileged people in society.

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